"Doreming Asia has developed a payroll system enabling calculation of the salary amount real-time before the closing date of companies."

Masaru Ikeda

At a glance

Tagline: Payroll Platform for Empowering Workers
Head Office: United Kingdom
Key People:
Hiromitsu Kuwahara CEO
Funding Received
$ $ $ $ $
Specialisation: Lending
Year Founded: 2015
Ownership: Private
Enabler or Disruptor:

Company description

Doreming is focused on financial inclusion for workers. Today, two billion people in the world are unbanked with millions who are forced to live by purchasing their daily needs through taking out short-term loans at high rates from unofficial sources such as loan sharks. Doreming has created a payroll system that gives workers access to their daily incomes in which their payments are processed through a virtual account linked to their payroll account. Doreming's system has several benefits for both workers and their employers. For workers, their payroll system lowers the risk of default because the payments are made through a pro-rata pay that they are expecting to receive on payday. For employers, their system automates their payroll processing to calculate real time accrued salary of their workers with taxes, insurance costs and other statutory expenses deducted.

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