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About H2 Ventures

H2 Ventures is a leading fintech investment firm.

H2 Ventures is reinventing financial services for the retail consumer by bringing together and investing in talented entrepreneurs, forward thinking established financial services companies and other thought leaders in the world of finance.

Our goal is to be the most respected and most sought after 'smart money' investor in early stage ventures alongside founders; and to advance Australia's emergence as a global fintech leader.

We believe in a culture of empowerment, of possibility and experimentation, of learning from failure as we seek long-term outcomes, of focused action and honest critique, of collaboration and trust, and of organisational agility.

We will foster an ecosystem of startups, financial institutions, founders, engineers, executives, regulators, legislators, academics and thought-leaders that are seeking to participate in or to drive disruption in financial services.

We invest alongside entrepreneurs and other investors in early stage fintech ventures.

We provide equity capital to support growing businesses that have the potential to become successful and substantial enterprises in the financial services industry.

We have established the H2 Accelerator through which we bring together entrepreneurs, ideas and investors.

Through the H2 Accelerator and our later stage venture investment activities, we expect to see the majority of fintech opportunities in the region. This visibility affords us a significant information advantage.

We also assist established financial services organisations in meeting the demands of an evolving market landscape and evolving consumer expectations, challenging them to re-think their business models, technology and user experiences.

H2 Ventures Team

Ben and Toby Heap established H2 Ventures and have assembled a talented and experienced team with relevant sector and domain expertise in financial services, technology, design and venture investing. Both Ben and Toby are experienced and globally respected fintech investors.

H2 Partners

At H2 Ventures we believe in partnering with the best operators in the world to maximise the impact and success of our portfolio companies.

H2 Portfolio

We are building a portfolio of amazing fintech companies led by passionate and inspiring founders. We believe the value of our growing portfolio is far greater than the sum of its parts. We actively encourage our portfolio companies - and our wider H2 partner and mentor networks - to support one other. We hold regular events to bring our H2 family together and provide opportunities for serendipitous collaborations.

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H2 Expo Day

H2 Ventures hosts an annual Fintech Expo Day. This event will feature the current H2 Accelerator cohort alongside the rest of the H2 portfolio and other Australian fintech thought leaders. If you are interested in attending, please subscribe to the H2 newsletter at the bottom of this page.


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